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Quotation_open_48px I'm a mother, I'm weird. I love anime, I would probably be the crazy cat lady if I could, I'm easily amused, I'm a huge computer geek/gamer chick, and the list goes on...

I've usually stuck to console games now a days, though I used to play a lot of PC games back in the day (Doom, Duke Nukem, Hexen, Heretic, etc.) The only MMO game I have gotten into is World of Warcraft. I played WoW since it was released back in 2004 until late 2010 (a bit after Cata). I am now looking forward to Defiance and the Elder Scrolls MMO coming out next year!

My favorite consoles are the original Nintendo, the Nintendo 64, and the PS3 (While I love the Xbox 360, the graphics just dont hold up to the PS3 and the online network has so much more to offer without a monthly price tag) I'm also a fan of the PS2. Quotation_close_48px



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Name: Jenna Ryan
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Age: 29
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World of Warcraft (PC-MAC)
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Elpide Level 42 Night Elf Hunter on Blackhand

“Marksman - Night Elf Hunter ”

World of Warcraft (PC-MAC)
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Isena Level 27 Blood Elf Hunter on Blackhand

“Marksman - Blood Elf Hunter ”

World of Warcraft (PC-MAC)
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Khera Level 67 Night Elf Priest on Blackhand

“Holy (Heal only)
Night Elf Priest ”

World of Warcraft (PC-MAC)
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Madylin Level 76 Human Mage on Blackhand

“Frost - Human Mage ”

World of Warcraft (PC-MAC)
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Madylin Level 60 Draenei Death Knight on Ysera

“Blood- Draenei Death Knight ”

World of Warcraft (PC-MAC)
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Vivika Level 33 Draenei Shaman on Blackhand

“Enhancement - Draenei Shaman ”

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